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Released Projects (8)
Bell Schedule v2
An app for students to check the daily bell schedule, lunch menu, events happening that day, various announcements, and more.
Version 2 released Dec. 2019; Version 1 released Oct. 2017
A platform for students and faculty to sign up and upload media for announcement slots in school or class meetings.
Version 2 coming 2023; Version 1 released Jan. 2020
A site for students to view spirit rankings as well as upcoming spirit events and for spirit officers to update class spirit points.
Released Sep. 2020
Summer Reading
A dashboard for Harker students in grades K-8 to log their summer reading books.
Released May 2018
Food Court
A portal for Harker faculty members to order meals daily from the kitchen staff.
Released Aug. 2017
GPA Calculator
A calculator for students to determine their weighted and unweighted GPAs.
Released Aug. 2017
Status Page
A dashboard for checking whether HarkerDev applications are offline or if there are any server outages.
Released November 2019
Eagle Buddies
A system to generate eagle buddy pairings based on shared interests.
Released August 2021
Coming Soon (3)
A site for keeping track of upcoming student events and club meetings, exploring various clubs and activities, managing club attendance, and more.
ETA 2023
URL Shortener
A site for student council and authorized organizations to create shortlinks with Harker branding and Harker password protection.
ETA 2023
A Chrome extension that integrates with many existing HarkerDev applications for easy access to information.
ETA 2023
Retired Projects (6)
Harker Pay
A secure payments platform that allows students to easily make purchases around campus, similar in function to Apple Pay.
Version 2 released Sep. 2019; Version 1 released Apr. 2018
Coco Dropins
A site for juniors and seniors to sign up for day-of meeting slots (or “dropins”) with their college counselors.
Released Sep. 2020
An online portal for students to submit and view their volunteering hours, and for administration to keep track of submissions.
Released Dec. 2019
Lunch Menu
An application for students to see what's for lunch every day.
Lunch menu has since been incorporated into Bell Schedule
Harker Courses
A simple website for students to search for and review Harker's academic courses
Course Planner
Course planning software for students to map out their high school career. Also the first official HarkerDev project!
Released Dec. 2016